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Date: Tue Mar 08 2005 - 11:32:08 CST

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    To add a bit of information to Asmus' comment:
    > What would be a nice first step...would be a serious, coordinated >
    effort by leading paleographers to come to an agreement as to
    > precisely what kind of information needs to be preserved, and for >
    what scripts or paleographic sub-discipline it would be sufficient.

    Already in 1990 the Text Encoding Initiative had defined guidelines on
    how to mark up texts, particularly for scholarly works. The latest
    version, P4, provides recommendations on mark-up for damaged text (see For example, it provides tags to
    classify the area of damage to a text, the person responsible for
    identifying the damage, the degree of damage, etc.

    A specific set of guidelines ("EpiDoc") based on TEI was developed by
    epigraphers ( A number of
    projects with Latin and Greek have implemented these guidelines. One
    example is the Vindolanda Tablets Online project
    (, in which uncertain
    readings (due to doubtful or partially preserved letters) are rendered
    in a different light color (grey). In printed versions, the same letters
    are indicated with an underdot. Conceivably style sheets could modify
    the uncertain readings as wished.
    (Specific information on the text is provided by the "Notes Viewer" and
    an image is given, so users can check the image against the text.)

    While the TEI and EpiDoc guidelines have been used for Greek, Latin, and
    (for TEI) many Western European language materials, they are meant to be
    extensible, and could be used for other scripts as well.

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