Re: Encoded rendering instructions (was Unicode's Mandate)

From: Marion Gunn (
Date: Tue Mar 08 2005 - 12:08:39 CST

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    Scríobh Deborah W. Anderson:
    > To add a bit of information to Asmus' comment:
    > > What would be a nice first step...would be a serious, coordinated >
    > effort by leading paleographers to come to an agreement as to
    > > precisely what kind of information needs to be preserved, and for >
    > what scripts or paleographic sub-discipline it would be sufficient.
    > Already in 1990 the Text Encoding Initiative had defined guidelines on
    > how to mark up texts, particularly for scholarly works...

    What Deborah says (above) is true.

    I know Stephen Miller of the Oxford Text Encoding Initiative was heavily
    involved in such, and his successors there (if I can run them to earth
    for you, I will) have probably taken it even further.

    The CURIA initiative has people in Cork University ( and in
    the Royal Irish Academy ( still working on this, I think.

    See also Trinity College's ISOS (Irish Scripts On Screen) project, which
    has yet to develop the markup section to match its images.

    In short, all of our West European palaeographers could use some help
    with markup/display, and also have much to contribute to
    character-rendering standards (and probably only waiting to be asked).

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