Re: Sample code for NFC and Plane 1 characters

From: Mark Davis (
Date: Wed Mar 09 2005 - 14:37:02 CST

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    It is governed by . We had recently
    decided to clarify that to be clear that it applies to code samples in
    technical reports, but the wording is not quite finished.


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    > Mark Davis wrote:
    > > On the plate for 4.1 is updating that code. Markus Scherer and Vladimir
    > > Weinstein provided fixed code, but it slipped through the cracks in the
    > > previous versions.
    > While you're at it, is there any chance you could loosen up the
    > copyright a bit? The ideal situation would be public domain. The current
    > copyright notice with "All Rights Reserved" means I can learn the
    > algorithms from it, but I pretty much have to reimplement them from
    > scratch.
    > If that was the intent, then it's The consortium's code and they can do
    > what they want. However, if they expected people to actually use this,
    > as I expect they might have, then a license that allows that is necessary.
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