Re: Sample code for NFC and Plane 1 characters

From: Kenneth Whistler (
Date: Wed Mar 09 2005 - 14:46:20 CST

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    Elliotte Rusty Harold asked:

    > While you're at it, is there any chance you could loosen up the
    > copyright a bit? The ideal situation would be public domain. The current
    > copyright notice with "All Rights Reserved" means I can learn the
    > algorithms from it, but I pretty much have to reimplement them from
    > scratch.
    > If that was the intent, then it's The consortium's code and they can do
    > what they want. However, if they expected people to actually use this,
    > as I expect they might have, then a license that allows that is necessary.

    The applicable license is located at:

    See Exhibit 1 there.

    When the Java source files for Normalizer.html are updated for
    Unicode 4.1, their headers should be updated to make it clear
    that they (as for all source in the
    directory) are governed by the general license.


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