Re: Incorrect names for Arabic letters

From: Patrick Andries (
Date: Sat Mar 19 2005 - 19:34:10 CST

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    Tom Emerson a écrit :

    >Trying to say what the "correct" transliteration or transcription of
    >an Arabic word is silly,
    Most probably true. Although people like to say that a standard
    representation is more correct than a personal transcription system, and
    an international standard is even « more correct ». Note that I agree
    that these conventions are arbitrary, but some do make more sense within
    a writing system and culture (English, French, Japanese) than others.

    >and in the scheme of things it frankly
    >doesn't matter.
    Matters little (it helps to easily find your letter with a name you expect).

    >The only "real" name for these letters is the Arabic
    >letter name in the native orthography.
    Which may mean more than one name since each writing system using it may
    have a different name for it (see U+06C9 a Kirghiz you for Unicode, but
    it is also Berber semi-vowel/glide « w »).

    I agree with you that the precise transliteration/transcription system
    used for names is not of much importance in Unicode ISO/10646 (although
    they do help to identify a character : Cyrillic A/Greek Alpha/Latin A,
    etc. Degree sign/Ring above) and more than one
    transcription/transliteration choices are valid or available (hence my
    example citing the French ISO/IEC 10646 names).

    P. A.

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