Re: 'lower case a' and 'script a' in unicode

From: Philippe Verdy (
Date: Thu Mar 24 2005 - 13:20:09 CST

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    Another useful reference to an old system for transcripting African toponyms
    into Latin.
    There are phonetic considerations, and this paper clearly states that there
    are two phonetic 'a' letters that were transcripted into the same Latin 'a'
    for "standard" toponyms:
    "Principes de transcription des toponymes africains" (soumis par J.
    Ramondou, 1980)

    This is a revision of the previous toponomic system adopted in July 1963. It
    covers toponyms used in Mali, the former Haute-Volta, Niger, Chad, Senegal,
    Benin, Cameroun (including Bamileke), Guinea, Togo... And it shows the
    equivalences in the notations used in several phonetic systems, and its
    transcription to Latin. Now the extended alphabets for those African
    languages attempt to remove those transcriptions by adopting the more
    precise phonetic letters exposed there.

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