RE: Security Issues

From: Asmus Freytag (
Date: Thu Mar 24 2005 - 14:59:33 CST

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    At 10:56 AM 3/24/2005, Shawn Steele wrote:
    >Asmus Freytag said:
    > > It's always necessary to remember that the goal is domain names, not
    > > simply modern prose (or poetry ;=).
    >I'm not sure this is always true. Someone suggested that Toys R Us might
    >want to register Toys˝ I'm not sure that technical folks would
    >think this was reasonable, however I'm pretty sure that marketing folks
    >would think it's a good idea. They wouldn't really care if it violates
    >orthographic rules or not.

    I'm sure people want all sorts of things - however a very poetic way of
    naming your businesses online that is very insecure is a bad investment.
    The same companies will happily issue user licences and warrantees in ALL
    CAPS, just because their lawyers think that that is proper form (read,
    might protect them better from legal attack) even though it's a terribly
    restricted form of impression.

    In essence, there's a balance here, between vanity and security.

    That's all I wanted to point out.

    >So I'm not sure that some business might choose "poetic" names and
    >orthographies even if they aren't in real use. Someone like toysrus would
    >have to register a Latin equivalent, but I wouldn't be surprised if they
    >wanted something that better approximates their logo as well...
    >- Shawn

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