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From: Philippe VERDY (
Date: Thu Mar 24 2005 - 17:32:48 CST

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    > De : "Asmus Freytag"
    > I'm sure people want all sorts of things - however a very poetic way of
    > naming your businesses online that is very insecure is a bad investment.
    > The same companies will happily issue user licences and warrantees in ALL
    > CAPS, just because their lawyers think that that is proper form (read,
    > might protect them better from legal attack) even though it's a terribly
    > restricted form of impression.

    This does not seem to firhgten businesses which can sometimes use it as a feature.

    See for example how Neuf Telecom (operating in France) designed its logo, so that the 'e' in "Neuf" (which in French means both "new/fresh/unaltered" as an adjective, or "nine" as a number or digit) is rendered with a 9 digit with the same heght as the other letters (then the '9' digit looks nearly like a turned 'e' letter). (That name comes from the fact that this Telco was initially given the operator prefix '9' in the French phone numbering scheme).
    This company has registered both "" and "" domains for its websites. So in that case, there's a logographic interference in the proximity of the digit 9, the turned 'e' letter and the normal 'e' letter. This logo would have been a security issue if this company had not taken the precaution of registering also "". (It also registered the two domains in .com, but not in .net where the domain is now for sale by squatters)

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