Re: Unicode coming to Quark XPress

From: John Hudson (
Date: Mon Mar 28 2005 - 16:15:55 CST

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    Michael Everson wrote:

    > If true, I for one will be one very happy Quark user.

    I was at the Typotechnica presentation from Quark, and while it is nice to finally see
    them moving on Unicode and OpenType the level of support was less impressive than many had
    hoped. The consensus of people I spoke to (mainly type designers and font developers) was
    that Quark's Unicode and OpenType support is a straight clone of the level of support in
    InDesign CS, right down to the list of OpenType Layout features supported and the new
    glyph pallette. It was disappointing to not see a single new idea that wasn't directly
    based on what Adobe have already done.

    On the Unicode front, you can expect multibyte character encoding support, but not complex
    script or bidi layout.

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