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Date: Wed Mar 30 2005 - 02:05:26 CST

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    On Tuesday, March 29th, 2005 14:09Z Philippe VERDY wrote:

    > From: "George W Gerrity"
    [relationship between pounds(mass) and pounds(currency)]
    >> As are currency names in many other European languages,
    > Add the only recognized name for '#' in French: "dièse", after the
    > name of the musical symbol.

    First and most important, « dièse » is supposed to be written U+266F (not
    that Philippe wrote something wrong, but I feel important to remember this

    Then, I agree the most common name in France (that I heard, that is), is «
    dièse ». Including when it comes about the key. Including for Anders' baby
    too (probably becoming the second most important use of this character
    there), even if almost nobody catch the trick (the musical note C♯ is called
    « do dièse » in French.)

    In Canada, the answering machines from Bell Cnd speaks (in French) about a
    « carré » (square): it did come as a surprise, yet I got it on the third

    I am lacking evidence from the other countries (in Africa, Belgium,
    Switzerland, etc.)

    Patrick Andriés, Alain LaBonté, François Yergeau, who did a great work along
    with the help of some Canadians (and some Frenchies too) to translate
    ISO/IEC 10646(E) into French, list it as

     = chemin de fer, dièse, carré, octothorpe
     * contrairement à l'emploi américain ce symbole ne représente pas le numéro
     * en typographie française il est peu utilisé
     x (symbole numéro - 2116)
     x (égal et parallèle à - 22D5)
     x (carré de visualisation - 2317)
     x (dièse - 266F)



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