Re: Version 4.1 of the Unicode Standard Released

From: Philippe Verdy (
Date: Thu Mar 31 2005 - 13:47:58 CST

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    Will there be updates for Chapter 6 and a new chapter for African scripts
    (including Ethiopic, and the new Tifinagh)?

    For example, I can't see Tifinagh (or Georgian Nuskhuri, Silothi Nagri, Old
    Persian, Glagolitic, Buginese and New Tai Lue) in the 4.0 book chapters, and
    the page only refers to 4.0.0
    book chapters, and then amendments.

    I understand that a new book will not be published immediately (until
    Unicode 5.0?) with those additions, but or new encoded scripts and
    characters, we'd like to see at least a basic set of PDFs with a summary
    table of glyphs (and the table of names and known aliases or usages in the
    notes) with those additions, instead of just refering to the DerivedAge.txt
    in the UCD. If there are reedits of the 4.0 book, it may be sold with an
    additional booklet with those additions.


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