Re: Version 4.1 of the Unicode Standard Released

From: Kenneth Whistler (
Date: Thu Mar 31 2005 - 14:39:19 CST

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    Philippe Verdy asked:

    > Will there be updates for Chapter 6 and a new chapter for African scripts
    > (including Ethiopic, and the new Tifinagh)?

    Not for Unicode 4.1.

    > For example, I can't see Tifinagh (or Georgian Nuskhuri, Silothi Nagri, Old
    > Persian, Glagolitic, Buginese and New Tai Lue) in the 4.0 book chapters,

    ...because the 4.0 book chapters are the 4.0 book chapters, and have
    not been modified.

    > and
    > the page only refers to 4.0.0
    > book chapters, and then amendments.

    This is standard operating procedure.

    > I understand that a new book will not be published immediately (until
    > Unicode 5.0?) with those additions, but or new encoded scripts and
    > characters, we'd like to see at least a basic set of PDFs with a summary
    > table of glyphs (and the table of names and known aliases or usages in the
    > notes) with those additions,

    Then please refer to the new Unicode 4.1.0 charts:

    and so on.

    > instead of just refering to the DerivedAge.txt
    > in the UCD. If there are reedits of the 4.0 book, it may be sold with an
    > additional booklet with those additions.

    No it will not be.


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