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Date: Thu Mar 31 2005 - 15:23:45 CST

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    Philippe Verdy a crit :

    >> ype shift-1).
    > Old mechanic French typewriters also had a key (on the left of the "1"
    > key) for "N" as a single character, sometimes printed with a
    > underlined o on some models, before it was replaced by various
    > symbols, and now today on PC by the exponent 2 digit.

    Unfortunate removal.

    > In French texts, we can see today either "No." or "no." entered as 3
    > basic letters and a dot, or "N" or "n" with two characters where the
    > second is the degree symbol on Shift+")", located on PC keyboards
    > between the "0" and "+" keys. But never "#"..

    Yes, this is correct. Except that the glyph for degree is not/should not
    be the same as the superscript o (one is evenly round, the other more oval).

    Also, in plain text (like this message or using the characters available
    from the keyboard) it is not possible to write correctly the plural of
    these forms : Les N<sup>os</sup> 1 5 de votre revue .

    P. A.

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