Re: Tamil 0B83: Tamil Aytham and Devanagari VisargaL

From: Sinnathurai Srivas (
Date: Fri Apr 01 2005 - 00:05:09 CST

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    Why it can not be amended so that the message is useable, correct and clear?
    Why if a message is wrong, leave it there?

    Why cnan't we say It was named as Visarga in Error and it is now corrected
    to Aytham.

    Visarga's properties are vastly or totally different to the functions of

    Please remove the descrption Visarga from 0B83. The least that can be done
    is "The name Visarga was in Error and is now corrected to Aytham).

    Also please see below, a simple abstract of what Aytham is.

    1/ The main function of Aytham: (Here h=Aytham, q=Aytham, x=any consonant)
    It modulates consonants to give Ahenumised and Aqenumised conconants.
    such as: kh, mh, ... xh, kq, mq, ... xq
    (Note: In Devanagari these are individual letters and in Unicode these are
    Devanagari Characters (such as kh, mh, ...xh)
    such as: hk, hm, ... hx, qk, qm, ....qx (I do not know about the equivalant
    in Devanagari.)

    Are Devanagari (Unicode) characters like kh, ch, dh, th, etc.. called
    Visagaised consonants? Or does Visarga has vastly different function to

    2/ 2nd Main function of Aytham: (Here h=Aytham, q=Aytham)
    It modulates Vowels to give Ahenumised and Aqenumised Vowels.
    eg: ah, ih, uh, eh, oh, ha, hi, hu, he, ho

    Character names are very respectable and has immense value. Grammar is
    something passionate to mostly all languages. Character names are very

    Go to a country where caning is still allowed in schools. We can see how
    much value the Grammar and related terminology has. The same hold for every
    country, but expect to deal with this problem in acceptable ways and let us
    deal with this problem in acceptable ways.

    Let us please correct errors in proper and acceptable ways.

    Sinnathurai Srivas

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    > Sinnathurai Srivas <sisrivas at blueyonder dot co dot uk> wrote:
    >> Let's go to the point.
    >> Do not probagate untrue messages as part of continuation policy.
    >> LET US FIND A PROPER OPERATING MODE for this problem.
    > There are other characters in the standard that have misleading or even
    > incorrect names. These will not be changed either, and it is not due to
    > any effort to insult anyone, or anyone's culture, nation, language,
    > religion, or heritage.
    > Character names are just strings. I don't know anyone who uses the term
    > "low line" to refer to U+005F.
    > -Doug Ewell
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