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Date: Fri Apr 01 2005 - 05:14:55 CST

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    At 07:05 +0100 2005-04-01, Sinnathurai Srivas wrote:

    >Visarga's properties are vastly or totally different to the
    >functions of Aytham.


    >Also please see below, a simple abstract of what Aytham is.
    >1/ The main function of Aytham: (Here h=Aytham, q=Aytham, x=any
    >consonant) It modulates consonants to give Ahenumised and Aqenumised

    (These terms are not English.)

    >such as: kh, mh, ... xh, kq, mq, ... xq
    >(Note: In Devanagari these are individual letters and in Unicode
    >these are Devanagari Characters (such as kh, mh, ...xh) such as: hk,
    >hm, ... hx, qk, qm, ....qx (I do not know about the equivalant in

    Yes. Aytham is used to show aspirate consonants because the Tamil
    script lost these.

    Aytham has three circles. Tamil Grantha Visarga has two circles. The
    visarga indicates an aspiration of a vowel, specifically, an original
    Sanskrit -s which became -h.

    It is improbable that the Aytham is unrelated to the Tamil Grantha
    Visarga. Or to put it positively, it is probable that the Aytham is
    related to the Tamil Grantha Visarga.

    >Character names are very respectable and has immense value. Grammar
    >is something passionate to mostly all languages. Character names are
    >very important.

    I like character names a lot, as many readers of this list will know.
    Nevertheless, they are not intended to be encyclopaedic, and it is
    known that many are imperfect.

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