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From: Michael Everson (
Date: Fri Apr 01 2005 - 05:08:53 CST

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    At 12:58 +0200 2005-04-01, Johannes Bergerhausen wrote:

    >>French rules of typography say the latter, N°
    >I worked for more than six years in Paris, the
    >official french rules are coming more from
    >typewriter than from typography. This time, the
    >french rule is »n'importe-quoi« (makes no sense).

    That would be « n'importe-quoi » of course. :-P

    I have packed my copy of « Règles typographiques
    » since we are moving in a few weeks, so I cannot
    quote it, but I assure you this is specified
    there. It may well be a mistake, or an old
    practice. I am simply reporting it.

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