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Date: Fri Apr 01 2005 - 03:33:40 CST

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    A quick reply as this might get misinterpreted/out of hand.

    -On [20050401 11:22], Asmus Freytag ( wrote:
    >In the meantime, I'd like to add on a personal note that I find the kind of
    >complaints that take snippets from the FAQ and the 5-line Unicode overwiew
    >and try to fabricate contradictions, well I find those kinds of games silly
    >and ridiculous.
    >If there is a part of our web-site that needs improvement, we always
    >appreciate feedback, (via the feedback form) and especially if it's
    >accompanied by careful suggestion of possible replacement text. That's
    >constructive criticism.

    Then I obviously failed to explain in my last email what I was trying to
    accomplish, my apologies for that. But please also do not jump to
    conclusions, I do not like to think you took my email as a game to work
    against the unicode consortium or what it has strived to achieve.

    It may be obvious from your point of view, since you are knee-deep
    (hopefully not chin-deep ;)) into this matter, how the Unicode Consortium
    works and what the goals are. However, for people such as myself who
    use/work with Unicode and read parts from the site, the mailinglist, the
    standard I cannot help but understand where the confusion comes from.

    I thought my email was constructive criticism (I prefer observation in this
    case) since I am, by all means, a Unicode newbie, lest of all privvy to the
    inner workings of the standard or the consortium's policy.
    This also makes it so that I cannot always offer replacement text due to
    missing a large understanding of the entire effort or the standard. That's
    why you are one of the experts on this matter, right? ;)

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