Fw: The Unicode Standard Withdrawn

From: Philippe Verdy (verdy_p@wanadoo.fr)
Date: Sun Apr 03 2005 - 15:21:17 CST

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    Considering that this message was *seriously* sent by a Unicode member on a
    April *2nd* (Common European Summer Time, with daylight saving is on
    UTC+02:00, so your message was sent on April 01, 2000 23:15 UTC, 45 minutes
    before the end of winter time). I take this announcement seriously.

    Probably as well almost all European users (yes including in Britain and
    Spain where summer time also applies), but may be Portuguese will have read
    the message in time (they are the only European users living at UTC time).
    same thing for almost all African users (excepting Morocco, Western Sahara
    and Mauritania...)

    May be Kenneth should check its international clock to make sure that this
    annoucement will effectively happen on April 1st if it's a joke. I have
    corrected myself, because the local date was included in the article...


    Ouf!!! Today, Unicode is still there.

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    From: "Kenneth Whistler" <kenw@sybase.com>
    To: <unicode@unicode.org>
    Sent: Saturday, April 02, 2005 1:15 AM
    Subject: The Unicode Standard Withdrawn

    > Mountain View, CA, April 1, 2005 - The Unicode(R) Consortium announced
    > today that due to irreconcilable technical problems, the Unicode
    > Standard has been withdrawn. All Unicode characters are now
    > considered deprecated, until such time as further study and input
    > can rectify any mistakes in the standard.

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