The Unicode Standard Withdrawn

From: Kenneth Whistler (
Date: Fri Apr 01 2005 - 17:15:34 CST

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    Mountain View, CA, April 1, 2005 - The Unicode(R) Consortium announced
    today that due to irreconcilable technical problems, the Unicode
    Standard has been withdrawn. All Unicode characters are now
    considered deprecated, until such time as further study and input
    can rectify any mistakes in the standard.

    "We have received numerous complaints about the Unicode Standard
    insulting minority languages," said Mark Davis, President of the
    Unicode Consortium. "It is clear that we have inadvertantly
    published misleading and mistaken character names in our
    standard. We consider this situation intolerable, and had no
    choice but to shut down the enterprise until corrective actions
    could be taken."

    The Unicode Consortium apologizes to developers around the world
    for any inconvenience caused by withdrawal of the standard, and hopes
    that alternative solutions can be found on a speedy basis.
    The Unicode office will be happy to refer inquiries about
    code page and character support to major software vendors, who can be
    expected to take up the slack in the absence of the Unicode

    About the Unicode Standard

    The Unicode Standard used to be a fundamental component of
    all modern software and information technology protocols.
    It provided a uniform, universal architecture, and managed
    to equally insult all languages of the world. It had over
    96,000 characters encoded, many of them mistakenly. It was
    the basis for mis-processing, data loss and misbehavior of
    browsers worldwide. It led to an epidemic of undisplayable
    character boxes. Unicode was regularly lambasted by
    developers of modern protocols such as IDN and has been
    blamed for security problems on the Internet because it
    encoded more than 94 characters -- some of which happened
    to look like each other.

    About the Unicode Consortium

    The Unicode Consortium was a non-profit organization founded
    to develop, extend and promote software globalization. Because
    withdrawal of the Unicode Standard has pretty much left it
    without a mission and the officers with nothing to do, the
    Unicode website has been repurposed to take advantage of
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