Re: Use of U+203D (interrobang)

From: Mark E. Shoulson (
Date: Sun Apr 03 2005 - 18:42:47 CST

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    According to Alan Hoenig, the author of Makor2, a typesetting
    environment for Hebrew for Omega (Unicodified TeX):

    > By and large, Israeli punctuation matches that of the rest of the
    > world. One difference from American grammar is the frequent occurence
    > of the sequence `?!' to indicate some level of amazed incredulity.
    > Just for fun, I have included in my Hebrew fonts the `interrobang'
    > symbol ‽, which you get by typing either !? or ?!. Perhaps this symbol
    > will now sweep the world of Hebrew typesetting by storm‽ See below if
    > you want to typeset the usual sequence.


    Believe that if you like. I'd say that rhetorical and surprised
    questions are very common at least in Talmudic and Rabbinic phraseology.


    Patrick Andries wrote:

    > wondered about the use of U+203D.
    > I must say, I'm not too sure myself. Does anybody know ?
    > Thanks,
    > P. .A

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