Re: Does Unicode 4.1 change NFC?

From: Chris Jacobs (
Date: Mon Apr 04 2005 - 06:36:56 CST

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    > Well, yes and no. I remember being told repeatedly that it is quite
    > permissible and conformant for an implementation to support only a
    > subset of Unicode characters. But of course that only worked with a
    > subset closed under the operations performed by the implementation. Now,
    > suddenly, without any announcement or apparent consideration of the
    > implications, the subset is no longer closed under normalisation.
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    > Peter Kirk
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    > (work)

    It is for interpreting and rendering that it is allowed to support only a
    subset. But e.g. for storing you have to support the whole set.

    I don't see why the subset should be closed. Suppose I have a simple font
    which can display ä but not ä, then I should still be able to normalize to
    decomposed if I want to.

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