Re: Big-5+HKSCS => GBK mapping

From: Ken Krugler (
Date: Wed Apr 06 2005 - 10:10:16 CST

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    >Not sure how can you map Big5HKSCS to GBK. In particular if you
    >consider GB18030. It alerady defined how Big5HKSCS should map to the
    >area outside GBK, if you do map those character to GBK, then it will
    >make the mapped result incompatable with GB18030.

    I'm not following your reasoning - what would "make the mapped
    results incompatible with GB18030"? If GBK is the explicit target for
    a charset conversion from Big-5, then either a character can be
    mapped (fuzzy or not) or it can't. If it can't be mapped, then it's
    going to show up as '?' or whatever placeholder gets used. Where does
    GB18030 compatibility come into play here?

    >Why do you care about GBK. GBK is not a national standard nor a de
    >factor standard. GB18030, which is a superset of GBK is a national
    >standard is what you should use these days. Both ICU and
    >Netscape/Mozilla support GB18030 at least as earily as 2001.

    The device I'm targeting uses GBK, so unfortunately I don't have any
    choice in this matter.

    -- Ken

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