Re: Malayalam Zero - an error?

From: Kenneth Whistler (
Date: Wed Apr 06 2005 - 17:15:52 CST

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    > Also, can Ken give me a refernce of Nakanishi, 1980?

    Akira Nakanishi, Writing Systems of the World, Charles
    E. Tuttle Company, Inc., 1980. ISBN 0-8048-1654-9.
    Malayalam Script: p. 64.

    > May be Ken is right, but the variance with
    > all other Indian digit zero and (a) and (b)
    > makes me suspect whether the glyph for Malayalam zero
    > is right.

    It could be wrong, of course... or there may be more
    than one way of doing it, with competing opinions
    based on analogy with adaptations in neighboring
    Dravidian scripts. Digit zero was not native to
    any of the Dravidian scripts, so it is a later
    adaptation in all of them, in any case.

    > If this glyph is zero, then how does
    > 1/2 symbol look? ...

    Good question.


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