Re: Changes to Subranges in 4.1

From: Andrew C. West (
Date: Mon Apr 11 2005 - 07:28:46 CST

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    On Mon, 11 Apr 2005 19:21:36 +0930, Kevin Brown wrote:
    > I maintain a datafile of ranges and subranges for my own use in FontLab and I
    > have just finished updating this datafile to take account of Unicode 4.1
    > I used the code charts at which clearly
    > show the additional characters.
    > However, I have come across a couple of examples where the names of subranges
    > had changed but, because no new characters had been added, the change to the
    > name was very easily missed.
    > An example is the subrange U+2B00-U+2B0D which has no new characters added to
    > but has had a name change from "Arrows" to "White and Black Arrows".
    > I happened to notice the above change because there were some new characters
    > added within the same range U+2B00-U+2B13 but it has got me wondering if there
    > are any cases where subrange names have been changed within ranges where NO new
    > characters have been added?

    I guess that the general "Arrows" was changed to the more specific "White and
    black arrows" because of the addition of "Arrows with bent tips" at 2B0E..2B11
    and "Squares" at 2B12..2B13.

    > How would I find these without checking through the whole database and
    > every subrange in 4.1 with those in 4.0 (a daunting prospect I think you'll
    > agree!)? Is there somewhere on the Unicode site where such subtle changes are
    > listed?

    If you want a list of sub-range changes between Unicode 4.0 and 4.1, use a
    programme such as WinDiff to compare
    <> with
    <> (N.B. the output
    will be easier to read if you filter out all lines that do not start with "@"

    Looking at my WinDiff output, in addition to the case you mention :-

    For CJK Compatibility Ideographs block :
    "The IBM 32 compatibility additions" => "The IBM 32 compatibility ideographs"
    "JIS X 0213 compatibility additions" => "JIS X 0213 compatibility ideographs"

    For Miscellaneous Symbols block :
    "Map markers" => "Dictionary and map symbols"
    "Warning signs" => "Miscellaneous symbols"

    For Mathematical Operators block :
    "Mathematical operators" is divided into 34 sub-ranges in 4.1.

    I think this just about covers it.


    > Would the powers that be consider marking subrange name changes in the same way
    > that you mark the new characters?
    > Kevin

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