Changes to Subranges in 4.1

From: Kevin Brown (
Date: Mon Apr 11 2005 - 03:51:36 CST

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    I maintain a datafile of ranges and subranges for my own use in FontLab and I
    have just finished updating this datafile to take account of Unicode 4.1

    I used the code charts at which clearly
    show the additional characters.

    However, I have come across a couple of examples where the names of subranges
    had changed but, because no new characters had been added, the change to the
    name was very easily missed.

    An example is the subrange U+2B00-U+2B0D which has no new characters added to it
    but has had a name change from "Arrows" to "White and Black Arrows".

    I happened to notice the above change because there were some new characters
    added within the same range U+2B00-U+2B13 but it has got me wondering if there
    are any cases where subrange names have been changed within ranges where NO new
    characters have been added?

    How would I find these without checking through the whole database and comparing
    every subrange in 4.1 with those in 4.0 (a daunting prospect I think you'll
    agree!)? Is there somewhere on the Unicode site where such subtle changes are

    Would the powers that be consider marking subrange name changes in the same way
    that you mark the new characters?


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