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From: John Hudson (
Date: Tue Apr 12 2005 - 17:47:13 CST

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    David Starner wrote:

    >>The proper reference could often use a localized name. No need to show
    >>users an English long winded name (with potentially a spelling mistake
    >>and missing diacritics when compared to the local tradition spelling),
    >>one could very well show Chinese, Spanish, German or French names of the

    > And what about the correct English names? There are a lot of English
    > speaking users out there who would like correct names, too.

    I see no reason why there shouldn't be a list of English 'localised' names for Unicode
    characters that differ from the rather long-winded and sometimes incorrect or misleading
    official Unicode character names.

    What I queried earlier was whether there was anything to be gained from formally
    deprecating the latter. It seems to me that any new list is likely to be plagued by the
    same kind of problems as the current standard names -- we didn't all suddenly become
    inerrant --, so I'm inclined to let the existing names, with their various faults, stand,
    and develop lists of alternate or localised names as needed.

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