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From: Edward H. Trager (
Date: Tue Apr 12 2005 - 21:48:41 CST

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    I want to thank Ken Whistler for taking the time to enlighten
    those of us who don't know the whole history all about
    what was going on between 1993-1996. I have to
    confess that I wasn't a member of the list then. It makes
    more sense now.

    - Ed

    > This policy dates from a famous ruckus a decade ago over
    > the name of and .
    > 1993-07-08:
    > Denmark is issuing this defect report to ISO 10646-1:1993
    > based on the naming of Danish, Faroese and Greenlandic letter
    > "" in upper and lower case and with acute accent. The
    > character "" is also used as letter in the Norwegian
    > and Icelandic languages. Please find enclosed an official
    > statement from the Danish Standards Association concerning
    > the Danish letter "". During the process of writing the
    > ISO 10646-1:1993, the naming was correct - for example
    > "LATIN CAPITAL LETTER AE" - in the second DIS. It was
    > changed to "LATIN CAPITAL LIGATURE AE" in the final version
    > of the ISO 10646-1 (1993). ...
    > This defect report took over two years to resolve, with
    > Francophones and Scandinavians at loggerheads every step of
    > the way, until DCOR No. 1 to 10646-1:1993 was published in
    > 1996.

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