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Date: Wed Apr 13 2005 - 01:13:33 CST

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    Ay ya! I've /written/ software like this. You know? Given a character with a
    name like "LEFT BRACKET", search the list for the character (if there is one)
    with a name like "RIGHT BRACKET". And there are times when I actually do want a
    getMatchingBracket(char) type function! :-) [Implementation note - at
    run-time, this is just a table-lookup. What I just described relates only to
    /building/ the table].

    Still - this is work-around-able. I can cope with a small handful of spelling
    mistakes. I certainly don't think it's anything worth getting upset about.


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    Actually, there is a secret purpose for this: it's to break software that
    analyzes character names to figure out the meaning of a character, or to find
    pairs by replacing "RIGHT" by "LEFT". (cf U+FE17 PRESENTATION FORM FOR VERTICAL


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