Re: String name and Character Name (Tibetan U+0FD0)

From: Patrick Andries (
Date: Wed Apr 13 2005 - 14:53:23 CST

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    Disclaimer *** No attempt is made here to correct a Unicode name, the goal of this message is, eventually, if necessary, to add a small annotation and ensure
    a proper ISO 10646 French name ***

    Is the Unicode 4.1 character name for 0FD0 correct ?

    0FD0 is named TIBETAN MARK BSKA- SHOG GI MGO RGYAN in Unicode 4.1.

    But see, which mentions elsewhere "bka’ shog gi mgo rgyan" (this must be a transliteration, see
    below for the pronunciation) as does, page 4. No "s" in the first syllable.

    Compare to 0F0A TIBETAN MARK BKA- SHOG YIG MGO also used in Bhutan. Note the absence of an "s" in the first syllable.

    An additional hint of a potential problem is given by the pronunciation of these two characters : 0F0A (BKA-) is apparently pronounced "ka sho
    yik go" while 0FD0 (BSKA-) is pronounced "ka sho gi go gyen", both "ka". I understand that, given the amount of Tibetan silent letters, two
    different syllables could be pronounced the same way. Just checking.


    P. A.

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