Re: String name and Character Name

From: Michael \(michka\) Kaplan (
Date: Thu Apr 14 2005 - 14:43:43 CST


    From: "Peter Kirk" <>
    > On 13/04/2005 21:06, Otto Stolz wrote:

    >> It would, however, be more useful to the general public, if you would
    >> communicate your
    >> knowledge through the official channels, ... This would amount to
    >> pinpointing an actual error, or inaccuracy, in TUS
    >> (by chapter and verse), collecting evidence for the error or suggested
    >> amendmend,
    >> checking the Errata page at <>, wording a
    >> correction,
    >> and delivering all of this information to
    >> <>.

    > But I thought Ken had just told us that error reports on character names
    > made through these channels would be ignored. In fact Ken's words were:

    >>... both committees to decide that past a certain point
    >>such defect reports would be noted but not acted upon, insofar
    >>as they were requests for changes in names of published characters
    >>in the standards.

    > So isn't your advice just a waste of time?

    Back in 1999, I received over 300 pieces of email asking me to certify that
    (a) tools my company had written and given to people, (b) tools I had
    written under contract, or (c) both were "Y2K compliant".

    I finally put up a web page explaining why all of these people are basically
    either stupid or insane (since none of the work I had done did anything at
    all with dates and thus there was no issue here.

    I closed with a bit of text that may provide context to the suggestion here:

    If you have further questions, you may mail them to 
    Please be aware of the fact that the server will throw all such inquiries 
    away without review, so you will not receive an answer; but if it makes you 
    feel better to send mail as some sort catharsis, then TSI has made the 
    option available to you.

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