Unicode Bloopers

From: Andrew C. West (andrewcwest@alumni.princeton.edu)
Date: Wed Apr 20 2005 - 06:01:33 CST

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    Given all the talk about wrongly named characters recently (and regularIy over
    the years) I have put together a web page that tries to document some of the
    errors in Unicode character names. For characters such as U+0598/U+05AE
    (ZARQA/ZINOR) I have largely relied on the discussion that has taken place on
    this list, so if I have got anything wrong, or if you have any additions to
    suggest, please let me know.


    The bottom of this page also gives a list of Unicode characters that are
    mistakes that should never have been encoded in the first place. I've only got
    one entry so far (U+156F "CANADIAN SYLLABICS TTH"), but I'm sure that there are
    quite a few lurking around (especially in the CJK-B block), so let me know if
    you know of any.


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