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    Like some others here, I simply don't see the point of human-readable
    machine-readable list. One or the other, yes, but not both at the same time.
    There is absolutely no need for an immutable machine-readable list to be
    human-readable /at the same time/. U-[xx]xxxx works perfectly well as a unique
    machine-readable identifier, /and/ would work perfectly well as a localization
    key. (In fact, a database table which uses a numeric primary key is likely to
    be more efficient than a database table that uses a string primary key).

    The general public aren't quite as Unicode-savvy as some of the more technical
    folk on this list. If Joe Public were to encounter the word "BRAKCET" in an
    application like BabelMap, for instance, they would assume this to be a bug in
    BabelMap. And perhaps quite rightly - since why should BabelMap be regarding
    machine-readable unique identifiers as if they were names anyway? (But it does
    ... and it even has a "Search for character by name" feature).

    I honestly think that deprecating the entire list wouldn't be such a bad idea
    ... /providing/ of course, it were supplemented by something, such as a
    separate (modifiable) list for each locale, maintained within CLDR or some
    other online resource.


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    I don't know why there is a need for a
    second "unique and immutable identifier" in addition to the U+xxxx code
    point identifier. But given that there is such a list, its highly
    restricted intended purpose should be made more clear. This must be done
    to reduce the problem of people, even major software companies which are
    Unicode consortium members, using the list in unintended ways as
    meaningful text.


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    (like in the Unicode regexps
    using "\N{NAME}" specifiers that assume that this name is fixed over time
    even if it looks "wrong").

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