Re: String name and Character Name

From: Edward H. Trager (
Date: Fri Apr 22 2005 - 09:46:44 CST

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    > I honestly think that deprecating the entire list wouldn't be such a bad
    > idea ... /providing/ of course, it were supplemented by something, such as
    > a separate (modifiable) list for each locale, maintained within CLDR or
    > some other online resource.
    > Jill

    If public-/peer-reviewed localized names become a part of the future CLDR,
    then although the whole issue of mispelled and wrongly-named identifiers
    will not actually "go away", it will become ignorable and irrelevant.
    Everyone in the Unicode community can simply use localized names from CLDR.
    It will not matter whether the official names list becomes officially deprecated or not.
    Instead, there can be a *de facto* deprecation because the community won't need to
    rely on it as much as is currently the case.

    Many will agree that there is other "junk" in Unicode --code points for numerous presentation
    forms, for example, which make one wonder if Unicode is really based on a character model at all-- but
    again these code points can largely be ignored by most people in
    the Unicode development community, relegating them
    to a kind of de facto deprecated status, regardless of how they are officially treated.

    - E.T.

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