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Date: Fri Apr 22 2005 - 07:42:13 CST

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    Otto Stolz wrote at 11:09 AM on Friday, April 22, 2005:

    >Have you ever read Section C.6 of TUS

    So I quote from it:

    "In the ISO/IEC framework, the unique character name is viewed as the
    major resource for
    both character semantics and cross-mapping among standards."

    How are ISO/IEC entities actually using the character names as THE major
    resource for character semantics? That is scary.

    It's hard to imagine how this ridiculous set of practices can be defended
    by supposedly computer savvy people - using the roman-centric, culturally
    volatile NAMES as the THE major resource for character semantics and
    cross-mapping between standards instead of using the almost arbitrary,
    neutral, and more efficient numbers. The standards weight should be born
    by the code points and not the names; anything beyond the code points
    should represent levels of indirection and therefore be changeable.

    And this section:

    "The disparities between the Unicode 1.0 names and ISO/IEC 10646 names
    have been remedied by adoption of ISO/IEC 10646 names in the Unicode
    Standard. If the Unicode 1.0 name differed from the ISO/IEC 10646 name,
    then the previous name is provided as a dedicated informative data field
    in the Unicode Character Database."

    clearly shows that the Unicode Standard HAS been changed in the past. But
    now that it is tracking ISO/IEC, the real problem lies with these wacky
    ISO/IEC standards practices and should therefore be taken up with ISO/
    IEC. Do they have public email lists analogous to

    But having read this, I now definitely agree with the idea of deprecating
    the character names in the Unicode Standard (let ISO/IEC do whatever they
    want with them), and the setting up of another group of localized
    standards that, through the unique unchanging code points, alias the
    changeable character names, whose sole purpose would be for human interfacing.

    Character names used as programmatic triggers is definitely a concept
    worth deprecating.

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