Re: String name and Character Name

From: Andrew C. West (
Date: Tue Apr 26 2005 - 07:06:14 CST

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    On Tue, 26 Apr 2005 10:41:37 +0200, Otto Stolz wrote:
    > James Kass had written:
    > > Please leave the "Search by Name" function enabled, it is
    > > quite useful. Type in the word PARENTHESIS and BabelPad
    > > or BabelMap steps through the entire Unicode repertoire,
    > > finding *all* the parenthesis characters.
    > Curtis Clark has written:
    > > The same technique works for all but one of the brackets. :-)

    Of course searching for "BRACKET" will give you characters that are not brackets
    (e.g. U+E005B "TAG LEFT SQUARE BRACKET") as well as omit characters that users
    may consider to be brackets (e.g. U+0028 "LEFT PARENTHESIS").

    I don't think that there is any easy way to get a full and complete list of all
    "bracket" characters and only bracket characters. Probably the best way to find
    all bracket-like characters is to search by General Category. For BabelMap, go
    to "Advanced Character Search" (F8), select "Ps" and "Pe" from the General
    Category list, and hit "Search"; this will return the full list of 133 opening
    and closing punctuation characters (mostly brackets, parentheses, quotation
    marks and their ilk), including U+FE18. To narrow it down to mostly brackets and
    parentheses you could exclude "QUOTATION" from the character name search
    criteria, which would reduce the list to 126 characters, of which 114 have
    "bracket", "brakcet" or "parenthesis" in their name.

    > Remenber, Asmus Freytag had written:
    > > In Unibook ( I support searches for names, as
    > well
    > > as inside the entire 'character entry', which includes aliases and comments.
    > So just look there, where you will find *all* of the brackets. ;-)
    > I hope, other implementations (including that BableMap) will follow suit.
    > After all, this is what TUS 16.1, subsection "Aliases", is suggesting.

    What do you mean by "follow suit" ? BabelMap has allowed search within the
    entire 'character entry' for over a year now.

    Also, I don't understand why searching under alias would get you *all* of the
    brackets. I searched for "bracket" in aliases under BabelMap, and got a list of
    eight characters, all of which had "BRACKET" in their name anyway.


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