Re: String name and Character Name

From: Erkki Kolehmainen (
Date: Tue Apr 26 2005 - 07:25:35 CST

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    However, character names are currently not included in the CLDR.

    Incidentally, since we have already translated and published the 1052
    Finnish character names of the Multilingual European Subset # 2 of the
    10646/Unicode as defined by CEN Workshop Agreement 13873:2000, this
    wouldn't be a big burden for us.

    Actually, a large number of English speaking environments have been
    defined in CLDR. To me, they all define data for localized user
    interfaces (and I didn't detect any particular, explicit contrast in
    Otto's statement, but alas, my native tongue isn't English, either).

    Regards, Erkki I. Kolehmainen

    Peter Kirk wrote:

    > On 26/04/2005 12:27, Erkki Kolehmainen wrote:
    >> Peter Kirk wrote:
    >>> On 25/04/2005 14:09, Otto Stolz wrote:
    >>>> - For localized user interfaces, a semi-official list of localized
    >>>> character names would be useful; CLDR is the obvious place for
    >>>> this kind of information.
    >>> And why should English users be denied in perpetuity the privilege of
    >>> an accurate list of names, if this is made possible for other languages?
    >> Where CLDR entries exist, they exist also for English.
    > Good - but Otto seemed to restrict this to "localized user interfaces",
    > in explicit contrast to "user interfaces in English" (in an earlier part
    > of his same posting). He wrote:
    >> TUS 16.1 suggests to implementors presenting the aliases together with
    >> the character names, in user interfaces. I deem this a viable solution
    >> for user interfaces in English.
    > This is what I consider to be inappropriate, whether or not aliases are
    > included. And this is why I am continuing to argue against Otto, and
    > express my preference for CLDR names even in English language UIs. And I
    > think that Asmus and Ken are on my side here, when they respectively
    > wrote that "The intended purpose of the character names... does not
    > explicitly include the task of supporting users in identifying
    > characters", and that TUS "does not recommend use of Unicode character
    > names in user interfaces"; whereas presumably this is the explicit
    > purpose of CLDR names, in any language.
    > So the next battle is to ensure that these CLDR names in English, rather
    > than the Unicode character names, are used in user interfaces even in
    > English. It is for this reason that I am pushing for a clear statement
    > in TUS that character names should not be used in UIs. It would be good
    > if such a statement also included a recommendation that the CLDR names
    > should be used.

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