Re: Cursor-Movement was: German Umlaut and other precomposed characters

From: Peter Kirk (
Date: Tue Apr 26 2005 - 10:14:24 CST

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    On 26/04/2005 15:38, Peter R. Mueller-Roemer wrote:

    > ... But why do all the precomposed Hebrew dagesh-consonants refuse to
    > be composed with vowel-points AND cantilation marks - You can' even
    > copy the first word of the Masoretic bible!

    What system are you talking about? This is not a Unicode problem
    (although some Unicode choices may have made things more complicated
    than they should have been), but an implementation problem. On Windows
    XP SP2 with a suitably chosen font (e.g. SBL Hebrew or Ezra SIL) there
    is no problem here, but it may be necessary to order combining marks in
    a way which you are not expecting. There should also be no problem now
    on the Mac and on Linux with the right combinations of software and
    fonts available. But support on other systems may be patchy.

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