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From: Dean Snyder (
Date: Mon May 02 2005 - 10:13:20 CDT

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    Nelson H. F. Beebe wrote at 6:00 AM on Monday, May 2, 2005:

    >Recent discussions on this list debated the use of Unicode character
    >names in software.
    >This morning, I learned of a language project, Fortress, at Sun, led
    >by noted computer scientist Guy L. Steele Jr.. Fortress supports use
    >of Unicode character names in software. See
    >and the language specification at
    >From p. 105 of the latter:
    >>> ...
    >>> The expression:
    >>> is converted to:
    >>> ($\phi \psi + \omega \lambda$)
    >>> ...

    But the Fortress programming language designers clearly see the need for
    alternate forms of Unicode characters in user interfaces. Witness the
    following additional Fortress language features:

    * Fortress substitutes underscores for spaces in unicode character names.

    * Fortress aliases many mathematical Unicode characters with shortened
    forms like:
    "phi" for "GREEK_SMALL_LETTER_PHI"

    * 'Additionally, all Unicode character names are aliased with names in
    which the following substrings are elided:
    "LETTER "
    "DIGIT "
    "RADICAL "
    "NUMERAL "
    " OPERATOR"'

    * And ... "There are many sets of Unicode character names for which all
    characters in the set share the same prefix. ... Furthermore, characters
    with the same prefix are often typed together. To facilitate entering
    characters with a common prefix, Fortress supports distribution of a
    Unicode prefix over a sequence of character names."

    [See the appendix, "Support for Unicode Input in ASCII", starting at page
    105 of <>]


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