Re: Cyrillic - accented/acuted vowels

From: Marion Gunn (
Date: Mon May 02 2005 - 04:30:16 CDT

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    Scríobh Doug Ewell:
    > Since David is apparently just learning about the capabilities of
    > different font technologies, and the difference between encoding and
    > rendering issues...

    'Since David is apparently just learning', perhaps he will welcome some
    corrections of misleading entries (US-style cultural errors), which
    makes me reluctant to trust it with regard to languages beyond my ken.

    Having found the following errors within seconds of visiting David's
    site, I didn't bother looking further.

    For example: 'Manx" (the indigenous language of the Isle of Man) is
    _correctly_ listed as 'Manx', but 'Irish' (the indigenous and first
    _official_ language of my country) is not listed as a separate language
    in its own right at all, but is only dismissively described as a
    language 'used in parts of Ireland' [called] 'Irish Gaelic' and the only
    entry I can find on his list for Scotland even confuses a Germanic
    language (Scots) with a Celtic one ([Scottish] Gaelic) in his cryptic
    entry 'Scots Gaelic'!

    This is all the more strange as David's surname ('McCreedy') implies an
    ethnic background of which one might reasonably expect better. (I am
    cc:ing him this msg, as it would be unacceptable to discuss anyone's
    work critically without the courtesy of sending him/her a copy.)

    To summarize (with regret), I wish I could recommend David's site, as
    some of the fonts look useful), but that is not possible as long as such
    obvious errors remain in re some languages I know, which means I
    certainly couldn't trust its current version as a guide to languages of
    which I know nothing!

    Hope this helps,

    Marion Gunn * EGTeo (Estab.1991)
    27 Páirc an Fhéithlinn, Baile an 
    Bhóthair, Co. Átha Cliath, Éire.
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