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Date: Wed May 18 2005 - 19:30:55 CDT

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    It iz extreemlee difikult too git peepul too caenj a wiedspred sistum, eevun
    if it iz not az rashunul az it cuud bee, win dhu kosts uv dooeen soe or
    veree hie. Dhu reezun dhat Yoonikoed waz suc u sukses wuz dhat dhu paen
    kaazd bie dhee dhen-egzisteen olturnutiv, u *hyooj* muras uv kunflikteen
    koedpaejiz, wuz soe veree muc hieur. Soe peepul kuud see u kleer benufit
    dhat maed it wurth dhee ekspens.

    Dhu odz uv dhat hapining in dhu foerseeubul fyoocur foer dhee inkoedeen uv
    tekst or, at best, miniskyool. Noebudee iz goeeen too caenj too u brand-noo
    inkoedeen bikuz "BRACKET" iz mispeld oer biblikul heebroo iz sumwut moer
    okwurd dhan it kuud bee; it iz for too kostlee.


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    > On 18/05/2005 22:25, Michael Everson wrote:
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    > > Even if it were, it remains the case that such "perfection" will still
    > > build on the analysis of the world's writing systems which we are
    > > doing today as we encode scripts and characters. It is not arrogance
    > > to recognize that this work will, in fact, be used for centuries, if
    > > our civilization endures. It is realistic assessment of the work of
    > > analysis and encoding and its utility.
    > On the other hand, future standardisers will no doubt recognise, as
    > those of us who are not arrogant must do today, that there are
    > inadequacies and limitations in some of "the analysis of the world's
    > writing systems which we are doing today". Parts of the analysis will
    > stand for centuries, if our civilisation survives, but other parts will
    > be rejected as inadequate. And these future standardisers will seek to
    > correct the ways in which these inadequacies have been incorporated into
    > Unicode in ways which cannot be changed under the stability policy.
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