Re: ASCII and Unicode lifespan

From: Antoine Leca (
Date: Fri May 20 2005 - 10:43:58 CDT

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    On Thursday, May 19, 2005 5:23 PM John H. Jenkins wrote:

    > (So far as I know, nobody ever implemented ISO 2022 in all its
    > glory;

    What could it mean?

    ISO 2022 is a framework, it cannot be "implemented fully".
    OTOH the principles behind it have been implemented quite widely, even if it
    is to various extends; for example, in France (just to force some reaction
    from Philippe) there were a predecesor for Internet named Minitel, which
    used a character set named Videotext (itself an ITU standard, IIRC), which
    was based on ISO 2022 principles of pages and so on.

    OTOH, from time to time there are threads here about say the grade of
    conformance to Unicode of say the W******s operating system; the general
    conclusion of these threads is that yes, they fully conform to Unicode, and
    a system which rings when submitted a U+0007 code does also.
    You could then derive that "nobody ever implemented Unicode to all its
    glory." I doubt such a discussion would buy anything, wouldn't it?

    And I know John is trying very hard to achieve a part of this task, at least
    for the products of his company.

    Just in case you did not notice yet: here is a global smiley that applies to
    all the above ;-).


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