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Date: Fri May 20 2005 - 10:42:28 CDT

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    On 20/05/2005 15:46, Andrew West wrote:

    >On 20/05/05, Peter Kirk <> wrote:
    >>... Perhaps Deseret had a very small amount of more serious use from the
    >>short time when it was promoted for actual use, but its current use
    >>seems to be for fantasy only.
    >John Jenkins has produced Deseret versions of the Doctrine and
    >Covenants and Pearl of Great Price in PDF format (downloadable from
    ><>). Given that
    >Deseret was created for writing Mormon texts this document can hardly
    >be seen as a "fantasy" usage of the script, and I am sure that John
    >considers it to be a serious usage of the script.

    Perhaps "fantasy" was not quite the right word (it wasn't my word
    originally), but the one part of this document I can read states "the
    Alphabet never caught on and hasn't had any significant use since 1869".
    Was this document itself produced for people to actually read, or just
    as a typographical curiosity or a test of technology?

    >James' own Unicode-encoded Deseret sample at
    ><> is also not a
    >"fantasy" usage of the script.
    OK, not exactly "fantasy", but we can hardly count test pages as real
    text in the language. But it seems clear that this script has no real
    modern user community. Which is of course no reason for it not to be

    >If you ask me, current use of the Latin script by certain members of
    >this list seems to be for fantasy only.
    Well, I agree with Michael that "Most of the threads on this list have
    been likewise unproductive of late". But I reject his suggestion that
    criticism of the Unicode standard should be censored. If this list were
    restricted to a small group of those who congratulate one another on
    what a good job they have done with Unicode, it would be even more

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