Re: Arabic Joining Classes

From: Andreas Prilop (
Date: Mon Jun 06 2005 - 09:39:48 CDT

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    > I posted this question to the Bidi list and got 2 answers...

    I don't know this list. Could you please give more information?

    > U+0649 (ALEF MAKSURA) is used with Uighur in the middle of words.
    > Basically, this is a tooth seat without dots.

    Sounds reasonable to me. But I don't know any font that has initial
    and medial glyphs for U+0649. Do you?

    > U+06BA - There is an initial and medial form of the NOON GHUNNA. So, it
    > needs to be dual joining.

    I do not believe this:
    Is there any evidence/proof that initial and medial glyphs exist?
    How should they look like? Are there any fonts that contain such glyphs?

    > U+0649 (ALEF MAKSURA) is used in the Arabic Qur'an in the middle of words.

    No, not U+0649 but U+0670.

    > But it would be better to call it DOTLESS YEH. The
    > _letterform_ DOTLESS YEH occurs in all four forms in written Arabic.

    I do not believe this. In Arabic, initial and medial glyphs always have
    two dots. (The letter with hamza has no dots.)

    > Regarding orthography, it is very common to see dotless yeh in final
    > position used interchangably with the character (dotted) YEH (U+064A),

    Exactly. But I was asking about "dual-joining", i.e. initial and medial

    So far, I haven't seen evidence/proof that *initial* and *medial*
    forms of letter ya *without dots* (and without hamza) exit in Arabic.
    Such may exist in Uighur - but I don't know enough about Uighur.

    And it remains the question of U+06BA: Show me a left-joining glyph!


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