Re: Arabic Joining Classes

Date: Tue Jun 07 2005 - 06:09:15 CDT

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    On 06/06/2005 15:39:48 Andreas Prilop wrote:

    >> U+0649 (ALEF MAKSURA) is used with Uighur in the middle of words.
    >> Basically, this is a tooth seat without dots.
    >Sounds reasonable to me. But I don't know any font that has initial
    >and medial glyphs for U+0649. Do you?

    Yes: the two fonts available from

    >> U+06BA - There is an initial and medial form of the NOON GHUNNA. So, it
    >> needs to be dual joining.
    >I do not believe this:
    >Is there any evidence/proof that initial and medial glyphs exist?
    >How should they look like? Are there any fonts that contain such glyphs?

    The fonts mentioned above have initial and medial glyphs of 06BA.


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