Re: controll sequences

From: Andrew West (
Date: Wed Jun 08 2005 - 03:39:27 CDT

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    On 07/06/05, Matthias-Christian Ott <> wrote:
    > For what are the controll sequences in ascii (except \n & \t) useful?

    The facetious answer is that they are useful if you use them. Although
    most of the control characters are no longer widely used in text other
    than 0x09 (Tab), 0x0A (LF) and 0x0D (CR), as well as 0x00 internally
    as a null terminator for strings, many of the ASCII control characters
    are still widely used in communications protocols. I myself recently
    used a simple serial protocol that delimited text with 0x02 (Start of
    Text) and 0x03 (End of Text). A quick google would probably answer
    your question in greater detail.


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