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Date: Fri Jun 10 2005 - 01:54:31 CDT

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    > >*My* opinion, supported by the silence of the Unicode Standard on the
    > >topic, is that it is up to the higher-level protocol -- the
    > HTML spec
    > >to specify what the impact of various markup elements may have on
    > >various text processes over the character content of a document. For
    > >instance I would expect the sequences in
    > <TD>abc</TD><TD>def</TD> to be
    > >treated as distinct document elements, implying no cursive connection
    > >between them (among other things), but I would expect the sequences
    > ><span>abc</span><span>def</span> to be considered a single
    > text element
    > >for rendering purposes (barring further stylesheet effects -- a
    > >stylesheet might, of course, transform spans into distinct non-inline
    > >structural elements).
    > I agree with you here Peter. There should be a clear
    > definition of the impact of various markup elements on the
    > Unicode text and this needs to be defined by the respective
    > markup language authority. The most significant such
    > authority in regards to standards such as HTML, XHTML, and
    > SVG is obviously W3C. So I think there needs to be more
    > specifications coming out of W3C in order to standardize the
    > way HTML, XHTML, and SVG markup impacts Unicode text properties.
    > I also agree with you that some markup elements should
    > interrupt text flow such as <TD> and others such as <SPAN>
    > should not interrupt text flow, hence not force Arabic
    > letters to seperate from each other.


    It is clear that block level elements interrupt text flow and that inline
    elements should not.


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