Re: Arabic letters separated by markup

From: Chris Jacobs (
Date: Mon Jun 13 2005 - 15:47:57 CDT

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    John Hudson :

    > * The partial exception would be the Photofont format, in which each glyph
    is a JPEG
    > graphic. Photofonts support colour internally, but not colouration; that
    is, you are
    > limited to the colours provided by the font developer. In a Photofont, one
    could make a
    > bi-colour ligature glyph, but one wouldn't have any means to access this
    glyph that
    > corresponds to colouration controls in apps or browsers.

    So the photofont would have a red arab alphabet with a red lam, a black arab
    alphabet with a black aleph, and built-in ligaturing so if you give the
    glyph numbers for red lam black aleph you get the red-black lam-aleph glyph

    What is the problem with the coloration controls then? They come before the
    ligaturing and have to encode just one color in each glyph number they

    unicode lam in red context passes thru coloration control procedure yields
    red lam glyph number
    unicode aleph in black context passes thru coloration control procedure
    yields black aleph glyph number

    and then red lam black aleph passes thru ligaturing yields multicolor glyph.

    Should work.

    Or else I don't understand what these coloration controls are.

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