RE: Arabic letters separated by markup

From: Peter Constable (
Date: Tue Jun 14 2005 - 10:33:47 CDT

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    > > Maybe someone can mention
    > > the names of fonts, system libraries and/or applications that
    > > support this. Adobe, Apple, Microsoft?
    > None. This is what I have been saying. The understanding of ligature
    > current font
    > technologies is that of a single glyph representing multiple
    > not simply of two
    > text elements, however encoded or rendered, that happen to appear
    > in some way
    > visually. There is no software that I'm aware of that can support
    > component
    > colouring if one is using the term ligature in this technical sense.

    What strikes me is that the likelihood of someone wanting to colour the
    alif portion of a lam-alif ligature is comparable to someone wanting to
    colour the dot of an i or the cross-bar of a t. It's not exactly an
    everyday need, I think. The fact that it is easy to provide a markup
    representation of the former is coincidental.

    Peter Constable

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