Re: Arabic letters separated by markup

From: Wordingham, Richard (
Date: Tue Jun 14 2005 - 05:32:52 CDT

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    > Erik van der Poel wrote:

    >> There probably aren't very many system libraries and applications that
    >> support ligature component coloring either. Maybe someone can mention
    >> the names of fonts, system libraries and/or applications that actually
    >> support this. Adobe, Apple, Microsoft?

    John Hudson wrote:

    > None. This is what I have been saying. The understanding of ligature in
    current font
    > technologies is that of a single glyph representing multiple characters,
    not simply of two
    > text elements, however encoded or rendered, that happen to appear joined
    in some way
    > visually. There is no software that I'm aware of that can support ligature
    > colouring if one is using the term ligature in this technical sense. ...
    Applications apply
    > selection for colouring purposes, as for most other purposes, to
    characters, not glyphs.

    And IE 6.0 (at least under Windows 2000) won't even let you colour Arabic
    vowel marks separately, let alone ligature fragments. (This is the same
    problem as in Thai.) IE 6.0 seems to be colouring at the level of grapheme
    clusters, rather than characters. For ligated consonants, you theoretically
    have a solution by way of using special contextual variants instead of


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