Re: Unihan and U+939D

From: Benjamin Kite (
Date: Tue Jun 14 2005 - 11:55:21 CDT

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    On Jun 14, 2005, at 8:31 PM, Andrew West wrote:

    > On 14/06/05, Benjamin Kite <> wrote:
    >> The Unihan definition for U+939D (p) is presently "tc". I assume this
    >> stands for "traditional character".
    > "tc" is a little terse. In fact "tc"stands for the element technetium.
    > Both U+939D and U+951D (a simplified character which also has the
    > Unihan definition of "tc") are used to translate the name of this
    > element in Chinese. I guess the Unihan definition should be "Tc"
    > rather than "tc", and perhaps "Tc (technetium)" would be even clearer.

    I see this makes sense. It had occurred to me that it might stand for
    technetium, but, as you state above, U+939D is listed on my chart.

    > The simplified form is encoded at U+28C4F.

    Thanks for that. Since the relationship wasn't declared in Unihan
    4.1.0, I had trouble finding it. Since Unihan is a work in progress, I
    entirely understand these discrepancies. That's largely the reason I'm
    trying to contribute to their correction.

    > I haven't seen anything from you on Unihan. You probably need to
    > subscribe to the Unihan list first.

    I'd be glad to. I didn't find any reference to it on the Unicode page,
    so I wasn't actually aware of its existence. Could you please give me
    information about how to subscribe?

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